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Gastroglanz Tirol

Digital Infrared Thermometer

Our new infrared thermometer is highly precise, reliable, digital and contactless. Measures temperature in only one second and displays results digitally. Thermometer measures body temperature as well as various surfaces, bathing water and food e.g. baby milk.


  • Reliable, fast and exceptionally accurate
  • Dual mode for measuring body temperature as well as surfaces
  • Safe and hygienic, contactless measuring
  • Visual alarm with 3 colours (green, orange, red) and acoustic signal sound
  • Stores several temperatures
  • Measuring distance between 3-5 cm
  • Automatically switches off
  • Batteries supplied

How it works:
Hold infrared thermometer at a distance of ca. 3-5 cm from forehead or surface, press measuring button and see digital display.


SLIM Sanitiser Stand with Sensor

With its discreet and elegant design, this sanitiser stand fits perfectly in any space. The built-in sanitiser dispensers are distinguished by their sleek design and innovative spray function which evenly distributes the sanitiser over the hands. This prevents any marks on the floor due to splashes from excessive liquid and saves sanitiser.

How it works:
Sanitiser stand  comprises of two individual parts; assemble parts and fill the 1-litre container with sanitiser.

Areas of use:
Wherever sanitiser is needed, for example shops, schools, public and medical facilities and bars/restaurants/cafes.


Protective Kids’ Face Visor with fun motifs

Explaining the current situation to children isn’t easy particularly when this also involves the wearing of protective equipment. However, we shouldn’t neglect the protection of our children. These face visors have therefore been developed especially for children from 3 to ca. 6 years-old with a focus on comfort and design. The lightweight visors are colourful and do not restrict the field of vision and are a mini version of our face visors for adults which make no compromises when it comes to protection. The robust plastic visor protects eyes from droplet infection and also prevents children touching their faces or rubbing their eyes which can lead to infection. Visors are more comfortable for children to wear than face masks and therefore offer an excellent alternative or addition. The fun visor motifs also make it easier to explain the subject of protective equipment to kids.

How it works:
Kids’ visors are worn over a spectacle frame (also suitable for spectacle wearers!); regularly clean both sides!

Areas of use:
In public areas (e.g. kindergarten, shops, public transport etc) as well as in private areas / homes etc for children aged 3 years plus.


Fashionable Protective Face Visor

Wearing protective face visors is an effective and practical measure for the protection of all professional groups which have direct contact with customers and where it is not possible to use a dividing partition. The sturdy visors are made out of clear plastic and do not restrict the field of vision or movement. They protect the face from droplets and may be used together with face masks. This model has been specially optimised with view to the design and is delicate, fashionable and cool. This is particularly thanks to the mount which is available in clear or coloured version. The visor is also suitable for spectacle wearers and promises maximum comfort in daily work.

How it works
Wear protective face visor when in contact with others and clean regularly.

Areas of use:
All areas where there is direct contact with others, for example shops, boutiques, restaurants/cafes, medical facilities etc.

Gastroglanz Anti-Allergan Dust Mite Spray

Our new product, the Gastroglanz Anti-Allergan Dust Mite Spray, has been tested by the company Dermatest under specialist medical supervision and awarded the “Very Good” quality seal.


New product: Gastroglanz Anti-Allergen Dust Mite Spray

Dear customers,

Your feedback is important to us! For this reason and after extensive research we have decided to offer a new product in our range. In cooperation with the company Dermatest which awarded the Gastroglanz Anti-Allergan Dust Mite Spray the “Very good” quality seal, we are now active against dust mites!

Approximately one tenth of the population suffers an allergic reaction to mites in particular house dust mites. The patented active ingredient combination of the Gastroglanz Anti-Allergan Dust Mite Spray is gained from the papaya fruit and prevents the reproduction of dust mites in mattresses and fabrics. Allergy sufferers, in particular, will benefit from the treatment of materials with our Dust Mite Spray. We also provide hotels, B&Bs and care homes etc with a certificate which shows that their rooms and fabrics have been treated against allergens.

Our sales representatives would be happy to introduce this product to you in a personal consultation in your business premises.