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Gastroglanz Floor Cleaning System

Gastroglanz Tyrol

with Gastroglanz 40 cm floor mop

After an in-depth market analysis on the needs of professional cleaners, we developed this revolutionary device which perfectly combines ergonomic, safety, cost-effectiveness, environmental protection and hygiene aspects. The Gastroglanz Floor Cleaning System features an ergonomic handle which makes it easier to use and enables correct posture. Lifting  full water buckets and rinsing or wringing  cloths is no longer necessary! Ideal for stairs and daily cleaning. Perfect replacement for the bucket / dual system which can be awkward to use.

This system enables dosing directly from the mop handle and the container allows you to check filled cleaning agents which saves you time and money. The measuring compartment is made out of clear plastic and available with a scale of 0.65 litre. May be removed for easy filling of cleaning agent. Air-tight closure to prevent liquid leakage.

Simply press mop handle knob for a continuous or controlled supply of the liquid. The special design of the small tube allows the liquid to exit directly onto the floor which is then evenly distributed by the Gastroglanz Microfibre Mop. Helps prevent any wastage of cleaning agent and the cleaning solution in the compartment always remains clean.

The Gastroglanz Floor Mop is recommended for the wiping and thorough cleaning of floors, corners and staircases. Comprises of a Velcro mop head and microfibre cloth. This cloth absorbs dust and dirt better than traditional alternatives. It captures dirt and releases it during rinsing. Our Gastroglanz high performance mop has four coloured labels for differentiation of cloth for individual rooms. Wash at a maximum temperature of 90°C (do not use bleach or fabric conditioner).

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